Althuraya scholars


Our students are our greatest assets. Their success inspires us to expand our programs and multiply our impact. 

Our scholars have studied at:

Scholars Unis

  • University of Cambridge

  • Harvard University

  • Imperial College London

  • The University of Melbourne

  • Johns Hopkins University

  • University of Waterloo

  • Illinois Institute of Technology

  • Universität Bonn

  • Monmouth College

  • Aalto University

  • The National University of Ireland - Galway


  • Centrale Supléc

Following their time with these organisations, they’ve worked at some excellent companies, including:


  • Microsoft

  • World Health Organisation

  • Microsoft Research Center for Natural User Interfaces

  • Boston Children’s Hospital - A Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital

  • Monmouth College

  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.

  • Weight Watchers

  • Baird and Warner

  • Collins Aerospace

  • UGE International (Solar Energy)

  • Natural Resources Canada

  • Skytron Energy


Celine Jabr

Population Health Sciences 

  • B.A Sociology and Anthropology, Occupied Jerusalem- Palestine
  • M.A International relations, University of Haifa- Palestine
  • MPhil in Population health sciences (Public Health), The University of Cambridge, 2021-2022

Laith Al Sabek

Clinical Research

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery, Damascus University, Syria 2020
  • Master’s degree in Clinical Research, The National University of Ireland - Galway, Ireland 2022

Mohammed Saad Radwan


  • BSc in electronics and communication engineering, Mansoura University, Egypt
  • MSc in electronic engineering, Mansoura University, Egypt
  • MSc in electronic and nanotechnology, Aalto University, Finland 2021-2023

Sarah Abdelbar

Data Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Business Administration. The American University in Cairo, Egypt. Graduated in 2018 (with Cum Laude Honors)
  • Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics - ESSEC & Centrale Supélec, Paris, France. 2021-Present


Yara Mecdad


  • Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, German University in Cairo (GUC) - 2019
  • MSc Neurosciences program at Bonn University. 2019-Present

Romy Nehme

Industrial and Manufacture Engineering 

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Lebanese American University, 2020.
  • MPhil Industrial Systems, Manufacture, and Management

Yomna Zentani


  • Bachelor of Law LL.B, University of Central Lancashire (Cyprus), 2015-2019 First-Class Honours
  • Master of Law LL.M, University of Cambridge, 2019-2020
  • Cambridge Trust & AlThuraya Foundation Scholar

Rofaida Desoki

Genomic Medicine

  • MB BCh; Bachelor’s degree in General Medicine and Surgery, Alexandria University, Egypt
  • MPhil Genomic Medicine, University of Cambridge, 2019-2020
Alaa Sayed

Alaa Sayed

Genes, Drugs, and Stem Cells

  • MBBCh, Faculty of Medicine, BSU, Egypt 2016
  • MSc of Genes, Drugs and stem cells, Imperial College London 2019
Ahmed Abdulfattah

Ahmed Abdelfattah

Public Health

  • MBBCh, Ain Shams University, 2008.
  • MSc, Pediatric Medicine and Neonatology, Ain Shams University, 2013.
  • MPH, Harvard University
Hend Hassan

Hend Hassan


  • M.B.B.Ch, faculty of medicine, Cairo University, 2016
  • MPhil in Epidemiology, University of Cambridge 2019
Zaher Joukhadar

Zaher Joukhadar

Computer Science

  • B.Sc in Computer Science, The University of Aleppo, Syria, 2010 (Major: Artificial Intelligence and Natural Languages Processing)
  • M.Sc. In information Technology, the University of Melbourne, Australia, 2013
Raja Obeidc

Raja Nicola Obeid

Mechanical Engineering,  Renewable Energies

  • BSc Mechanical Engineering- Renewable Energies Systems, Damascus University
  • MSc Technical University of Berlin

Kenan Alkuwatly

Product Design

  • B.A. Product Design, HBK Saar, Saarbruecken, Germany 2017 - Current
  • BSc Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Damascus University, Syria 2009 - 2012
Mariela shaker

Mariela Shaker


  • Arabic Institute of Music in Aleppo in 1999
  • the Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music
  • Monmouth College and to study Music Performance
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Aleppo University
  • Master’s in Music Performance at DePaul University.
Muzaffar AlZoubi

Al Zoubi

Civil Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)
Abdelrahman Ayad

Abdelrahman Ayad

Electrical Engineering

  • BSc, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt, 2016.
  • MSc, Electrical Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada, 2019.
Elias Yousef

Elias Yousef

Information Technology and Management 

  • BSc, Electric and Electronic Engineering, University of Aleppo.
  • MSc, Information Technology and Management, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2013.
Omar Alhaj Ibrahim

Omar Alhaj Ibrahim

Biomedical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

Hazem RIhawi

Public Health

  • Master of Public Health (MPH) - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health - 2019
  • Certificate in “Epidemiology for Public Health Professionals” - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health - 2019
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy - Aleppo University - 2004

Bashar Alisber

Aerospace Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)