Althuraya MENA SCholarship

AlThuraya MENA Scholarship is a partial scholarship awarded to distinguished MENA scholars pursuing a master's degree in one of AlThuraya Foundation's priority fields.


  • Master's programs must be aligned with AlThuraya Foundation's Approved Programs (see below). 
  • Applicants should be normally a national of the following countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen; and a resident in one of the aforementioned countries, with the exception of refugees/asylum-seekers. Applicants with dual citizenships will not be considered.
  • Applicants must not have obtained a degree outside the MENA region.
  • Evidence of academic, research and/or professional merit (demonstrated through reference letters) and demonstration of future promise (demonstrated through a letter of intent, interviews, and other required essays).
  • Proof of financial need.

*If your university of choice is not listed amongst the top 150 institutions, you should include a justification when contacting us. 


  1. Public Health, Health and Medical Sciences (e.g. Epidemiology, Genetic Science, Biostatistics, Clinical degrees, etc.)
  2. Applied Science, Technology, and Engineering (e.g. Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Science, etc.; excludes Architecture)
  3. Law (excludes corporate law) 

Priority is afforded to fields of Health, Genetics, Energy, Computer Science, Telecommunications, Water, Agriculture, and Law.


  1. Once you have an acceptance letter into your program of choice, you may send a request to apply for AlThuraya MENA Scholarship to the following email: The title of the email should include "AlThuraya MENA Scholarship Application Request".  The content of your email should include letter(s) of acceptance, a transcript, a CV, details of other awarded scholarships/financial aid as well as financial ability (include the gap in funding to be met).*
  2. If you are shortlisted for the scholarship, you will be asked to provide additional information and will be invited for an interview (run virtually). 
  3. The Selection Committee will inform you with the decision (usually within 2-4 weeks after the interview) 
  4. Please note that the award can only be transferred towards the academic institution you are enrolled in. It is your responsibility to arrange for this. 

* Note that AlThuraya MENA Scholarship is a partial scholarships covering up to £12,000 or equivalent towards tuition and/or living costs. Applicants need to secure the remainder of costs from personal savings, loans, other partial scholarships or financial aid. The award will remain conditional until financial ability to cover the remainder of costs is demonstrated. 


Applications shall be received on a rolling basis, yet the Selection Committee will review applications biannually.


The following meetings are set for April 15th and  December 15th 2022. Kindly plan your applications accordingly. In the case where you require a sooner decision because of a start date or visa requirements, please mark your email request as time-sensitive.